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Hello and welcome to our universe!




Young passionate couple, we would like to share our daily passion; the main goal being: 

reaching a total harmony and adapt to each personality, living here or just passing by.



Our common dreams have followed us for years, from the playground to the school

bench.  Today, we’re lucky to share our lives with our dogs and other animals… it’s right 

in the middle of a hidden house of La Sarthe, which seems to get prettier and more 

welcoming everyday. It’s in this wonderful place that Guillaume, a true animal 

professional, our son Simon, truly passionate of Mother Nature and myself  are living this 

astonishing synergy.




Our dogs live with us and give birth in our bedrooms  for stay 3 


to 4 weeks. They’re weaning with their puppies in the house and enjoy daily outdoor activities to develop their skills to the fullest.





To keep that very important bond, complicity with and respect to our dogs, we 


deliberately keep our organization small, which will stay that way.







(less than 9 dogs)



Each of our dogs are dysplasia tested + elbows and oculars’ disease tested at least.



Kind regards











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